4 Tips For Creating A Business Card

23 December 2015
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Some people no longer carry business cards. Unfortunately for them, this could be a huge mistake. Business cards are more than just a way to share your contact information, they can be a conversation starter and a solid first impression. If you are in the process of designing your business cards, here are some ways to make yours stand out.  Consider Using Humor One of the reasons people give out business cards is to break the ice. Read More 

Designing The Right Business Card For Your Business

30 November 2015
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If you have your own small business, then you want to have business cards that depict your business in the best way possible. They should tell as much about your business as possible without using too many words. This can all be done by using the right graphics and laying everything out in the right way. Follow the tips in this article to create the best business cards for your business. Read More 

3 Reasons To Utilize A Printing Service

9 November 2015
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A printing service is a fantastic resource that can provide a host of benefits for both individuals and businesses. You should consider utilizing a printing service because they can offer design services, provide rapid printing, and reduce wear on your printers. Design Services One of the biggest reasons to take advantage of a printing service is because many of them can provide custom design services. These services can perform minor edits and adjustments to your documents, logos, and pictures in order to make them look more professional or interesting. Read More 

The Place For Intuitive Thinking When You Self-Publish

19 October 2015
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Intuition can be of great help when making decisions, and as a writer, you may find that intuition plays a huge role in where you want to take your story and what you want to write. However, when you self-publish, you will find that you are part writer and part small business person who now has to think of your book as a product to be marketed and sold. Since the decisions you will make as a publisher will impact how well you are able to generate sales for your book, you now need to identify how productive intuition is and how much you can afford to make decisions based on this abstract concept. Read More 

Starting A New Business? Your New Logo And Image Sets The Best First Impression

22 September 2015
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If you are creating a business and you want to have an icon, image or logo that is different than everyone else, you need to spend the money on some custom services. You want something that is going to make your company stand out when people see your vehicles, clothes and more. A customer's first impression and what they think when they first see your business location, website or logo is very important. Read More