Designing The Right Business Card For Your Business

30 November 2015
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If you have your own small business, then you want to have business cards that depict your business in the best way possible. They should tell as much about your business as possible without using too many words. This can all be done by using the right graphics and laying everything out in the right way. Follow the tips in this article to create the best business cards for your business.

Choose the right feel

The first thing you'll need to do is to choose the right cardstock. If you have a business that is more of a customer service type of business, such as housekeeping, childcare, pool service, plumbing or roofing, then you can go with a thick card that doesn't have a glossy finish to it. If you have a business that leans toward graphics or design, such as website design, painting, car detailing or photography, then you should go with business cards that have a glossy finish.

Choose the best background

If you can find a good background that depicts a professional picture of what it is that you do, then this could be a good choice. However, if you are in a professional field, then it may be best to go with something simple. This may mean sticking to your basic white background. You can also go with another solid background as long as it isn't too flashy.

If you are in a field where your business depends a lot on you creating a strong bond with your clients, then you may want to have a picture of yourself in the corner of the business card. This will help people to feel as if they know you and it also helps someone to remember you long after you give them your card.

Use the right fonts

You should choose a font that's clear to read but a little on the fancy side. Go with a larger font for your company name and your phone number. A smaller size can be used to tell a few words about what your company offers, to give your address and to list your hours. The font should be many shades lighter or darker than the background of the card so it really stands out and is easily readable.

Use the back of the card correctly

If you have decided you want to use both sides of the business card, you want all your important and contact information to remain on the front. On the back, you can go into more detail about what it is you do.

By taking the time to think through the design of your business cards, you can end up with a professional, yet unique design that helps your business grow. To order business cards, contact a company like 4 Color Print