4 Tips For Creating A Business Card

23 December 2015
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Some people no longer carry business cards. Unfortunately for them, this could be a huge mistake. Business cards are more than just a way to share your contact information, they can be a conversation starter and a solid first impression. If you are in the process of designing your business cards, here are some ways to make yours stand out. 

Consider Using Humor

One of the reasons people give out business cards is to break the ice. Humor is a great way to accomplish this. A funny card can not only be a way to start a conversation, but it can help recipients to remember you. 

The humor does not have to be over-the-top. A quick joke or humorous drawing are more than enough. 

Add a Picture

The addition of your picture, a drawing, or even a caricature can help recipients of your business cards to remember you. If you are not comfortable including your own image, you can add an image that is representative of your business. Try to pick an image that is unforgettable.

To get the most from the addition of the image, opt for one that has some color to it. Black and white images do not stick out in the same manner. 

Use Tactile Cards

Another way to make your business cards more memorable is to opt for tactile cards. Tactile cards not only relies on a recipient's sight, but also his or her sense of touch. You do not have to stick to simply using raised letters. 

Tactile can mean adding unusual shapes and folds. You can opt for non-traditional materials, such as wood and metal. Tactile cards can be more expensive than the run-of-the-mill cards, but the impression it leaves with recipients can be worth it. 

Remember the Essentials

In the quest to be unique, it is sometimes possible to forget the inclusion of the basics. Contact information, such as your name and phone number, is necessary for recipients to reach you and get more information. 

However, it is important to avoid information overload. Stick to the basics so that your card does not start to look crowded. For instance, a card featuring your website address, name, and phone number might be enough, depending on your business type.

If you are still unsure how to make your business card stand out from others, consult with a printing service professional at a company like Print Source. He or she can help you identify what is most important for your card and help tailor it to your business specifics.