4 Common Copier Problems

16 December 2016
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Copy machines are a staple of most offices, and when a machine is not working properly it can be very frustrating and negatively impact projects being completed on time. Luckily, many copier problems can be resolved without having to replace the machine. Some of the most common copier problems include:

Stuck Paper

Most people who have used a copier have probably encountered a paper jam at some point. This typically happens when paper is not aligned properly or the wrong size paper is being used. To correct a paper jam you need to open the paper feed, remove the paper that is stuck, and then insert the right size paper, making sure that the alignment is correct. It is also possible for a paper jam to occur when paper dust clogs the copier. This can be fixed by occasionally vacuuming the dust out of the machine and wiping the feed tires.

Copies with Lines on Them

A copier in good repair should only print the text and images on the original document being copied. If your copies continually come out with foreign lines on them, there is a problem with your copier. First, check the scanner glass and mirrors and clean if needed. This issue can also arise due to drum blade malfunctions or problems with the fusers. Contact a copier repair service if cleaning the glass and mirrors does not help—a qualified technician should be able to fix the problem.

Light or Dark Copies

If your copies are suddenly coming out too light or too dark, check the settings on your machine. It may be possible that someone hit a button or tried unsuccessfully to alter the lightness or darkness of the prints. If the settings are correct but copies are still not looking right, the toner may be bad or the drum may need to be replaced.

Wrinkled Copies

Copies that are wrinkled or creased are a waste of paper and ink. This problem often occurs when the exit and feed rollers have worn out, which causes the paper to stick and wrinkle. Old paper trays and issues with the fuser assembly can also lead to wrinkled copies. You can order replacement parts for the rollers, paper tray, and fuser assembly, but it is not a good idea to try to install the new parts yourself. If you want to make sure that the replacement is done properly, contact a technician at a copier repair service company such as Computer & Printer Repair.