Unique Ways For Doctors To Distribute Business Cards

1 November 2016
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Business cards can offer a great way for doctors to expand their practices and reach out to new patients, but to make this happen, you need to find unique ways to pass out those cards. Use this guide as inspiration to distribute your business cards and get more new patients in your office.

Hand Out First Aid Kits

Purchase small first aid kits you can pass out to local businesses, and place a few business cards inside each one. Spend a day visiting other business owners in the area your practice serves and introduce yourself. The first aid kits can be given to the employees at each business, and whenever they need a bandage or gauze pad, they'll be reminded that you are just down the street and ready to offer medical care. You can even have custom business cards printed with your information on the front and a few first aid instructions on the back to make your business cards even more useful.

Partner With Local Pharmacies

Not everyone going to a pharmacy already has a doctor. Some people visit these businesses to purchase over-the-counter medications or to fill a prescription obtained in an emergency room. Partner with local pharmacies to leave your business cards at the counter so customers in need of a doctor can find your contact information. Have the cards you use for this purpose printed with a section potential patients can fill out with their appointment information when they call to schedule an appointment.

Create New Patient Kits Your patients can be your best source for referrals, so be prepared to give out your business cards to each new patient in your practice. You can do this and show your patients a little personal touch by preparing new patient kits to give out at first appointments. These kits can contain:

• A stack of business cards
• Forehead thermometer strips
• Pill containers
• A water bottle with your patient's name on it
• Crayons or coloring books (for family practice or pediatric practices)
• A disposable ice pack

Get creative with the items you put in the kits, and consider changing the bags up so you can give current patients new kits with their annual physicals.

Take Advantage Of Bills

Your billing department can include your business card with statements and patient bills. Be sure to also add a note with each bill that thanks the patients for choosing you to care for them. This little extra touch can help them to remember you the next time a friend or family member mentions needing a new doctor, and having your business card on-hand makes it easy to provide that referral. Use these ideas to spread the word about your medical practice, or come up with a few other creative ideas to get your business cards in the hands of potential new patients in your area.  

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