How To Design An Effective Trade Show Booth

18 February 2016
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Attending trade shows is an important part of doing business as you can market your business to customers and clients, as well as network with other businesses. The booth itself is important as it draws people in and gets their attention. Here are some tips for designing an effective trade show booth that people will want to visit.

Have a Professional Banner Printed

When you are designing your trade show booth, you should start with the signage. This allows others to take notice of your booth, keep your business name in mind, and see what it is that you do. A good banner is large and fits well in your booth. It shouldn't be too busy or have pictures that get in the way of the text. The banner should have a limited number of fonts and colors as to not be too distracting to the eye. Try to include your business name, brief contact information, and some information about what it is you do. Describe the type of business briefly so interested customers know to stop at your booth. Talk to a sign printing company, such as R & L Press Inc, to design an appropriate banner.

Keep Displays at Different Levels

If all of your displays are laid out on the table, it can be difficult for people to look at them. Try to create balance in your booth by using shelving units or boxes to create different heights and levels with your displays. Perhaps you are a business that makes custom-made greeting cards. You should have multiple displays, such as some cards hanging on a wire shelf, while some are laid out flat, and others are on top of boxes at two or three different levels. Doing this increases visual interest and makes it easier for multiple people to view your goods at one time.

Use Branding Everywhere

Your trade booth design should also be well branded for your business. If the only place on your booth with your logo and business name is the banner, then any other items and promotional materials picked up might not be effective in informing customers about your business. You are networking with potential clients and customers, as well as other businesses, so your brand should be out there as much as possible. Include your logo and other branding information on the banner, business cards, flyers or postcards, and any forms you are asking others to fill out.

Also keep in mind that your booth should be functional as well as stylish. Make it easy for people to approach you and take a look around without it getting too cramped or crowded. You might want a U-shaped booth so people can take a look at everything with plenty of space to move around.