Tips For Helping Your Copier Avoid Some Common Sources Of Malfunctions

10 August 2015
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For many businesses, the copier is one of the more important devices in the building. Unfortunately, these machines are highly complex, and this can make them prone to experiencing some malfunctions. Luckily, there are a couple of simple tips that you can follow to drastically reduce the odds that your copier encounters these issues. 

Clean The Toner Storage Area When Replacing The Cartridge

Changing the toner cartridge or drum is one of the more common tasks that you will have to do for your copier. Unfortunately, when you are performing this task, it is easy for toner to spill around the connection point with the copier. The toner can quickly dry, and this may reduce the flow of toner from the new cartridge into the copier.

To minimize this threat, you should always thoroughly wipe down this area before you install the new cartridge. While you can use a damp cloth for this step you should make sure to thoroughly dry the area before you install the new cartridge. 

Properly Store Your Paper When It Is Not Being Used

The condition of the paper that you are using for the copier may be something that you almost never consider. However, it is possible for improperly stored paper to warp or swell due to exposure to humidity. While you may not always be able to notice these changes, they can make the copier far more likely to experience a paper jam. 

Avoiding this problem will require you to protect the paper from excessive humidity. Silica gel is often an excellent solution for these because this gel will absorb moisture out of the air. As a result, you can greatly reduce the odds of this problem happening by placing these around the paper storage area. Unfortunately, if you live close to the beach or in another very high humidity area, this gel may prove to be insufficient. In these cases, you will be best served by investing in a dehumidifier. Fortunately, these are relatively inexpensive, and they do not require much maintenance to operate. 

Copier problems can be a major issue for a variety of businesses, but many of these problems can be avoided by taking proper preventive maintenance steps. In particular, cleaning the toner area and storing the paper in a low humidity area will help your business to avoid some common causes of copier malfunctions. While this will help you avoid expensive repair bills, it will also help reduce the odds that your business is not suddenly hampered by copier issues. 

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