3 Printing Ideas for Magazine Inserts

26 June 2015
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If you've ever flipped through a magazine, you might have noticed that a small piece of paper with a plea for you to order a subscription often falls out of it. Chances are excellent that you just threw away the paper and thought nothing of it. This is not what the marketing team that created the insert was striving for. If you want to use magazine inserts to promote your company's services, you want to make sure that they're actually effective. To learn how to accomplish this, follow these three tips:

1. Make Sure the Paper is a Different Texture and Thickness from the Magazine

Magazines usually have very glossy pages of thin paper. If you want to make sure that people take notice of your insert, make sure that they are able to tell the difference between the insert and the magazine itself. One way that you can do this is by making the paper a different texture and thickness from the pages of the magazine. It is usually in your best interest to make the insert thicker than the pages of the magazine rather than thinner so that you can reduce the risks that the insert will be damaged.

2. Emphasize the Word "Free" or any Discounts

The next tip is to make sure that the word "free" is emphasized if it relates in any way to what you are offering. If you are not offering anything free, make sure that you emphasize the size of the discount. Talk to your printer for ways to make the most important wording of your insert stand out. He or she might be able to offer a way to print the words in a special ink that will glimmer to catch a potential customer's eye or suggest that you have a two-page insert with one page entirely devoted to emphasizing the deals that you are offering.

3. Consider a Mini Book

If you are trying to get people to subscribe to a magazine or pick up a new product, then you might want to consider making a mini book insert. Mini book inserts are essentially three or more pages of inserts that are bound together with staples. These are best if you are worried about getting all of your information to the customer on one postcard-sized insert. Magazines that offer special quarterly reports or a special, separate issue for a summary of the year can use each page of a mini book to highlight everything that a subscriber receives, giving each item more meaning.

For more information, talk to a printing company that specializes in insert printing.