Improve Your Small Business Profits With Custom Printing

25 May 2015
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Do you own your own home-based business where you sell new and used items on various auction sites? Are you wondering how you can increase profits and get rid of excess inventory? Here are some tips on how to increase your bottom line:

Include a business card and invoice with every order: The business cards should have a thank you message as well as your contact information printed on them. By including cards that have been created by a printing company, you won't have to waste time and ink printing out a custom message for every person that orders from you. A well-designed card will make you look more professional and may help to increase customer confidence as a result. On each printed invoice, include detailed information of the contents of the shipment, and make the transaction feel more personal by adding a hand-signed "Thank You For Your Order" on the invoice, as space permits. 

Send catalogs or flyers to your customers: Do you stock the same inventory every month? If so, include a small catalog or flyers that have been printed by a professional printing company. Your customers may not have checked to see what else you sell before they bought their item, so having even a one page flyer catalog can help to show your customers that you have other items that they might be interested in. In order to increase the likelihood of them placing another order, include an offer for free shipping or a percentage off their next purchase.

Hold regular yard sales: Sometimes, inventory for your online business doesn't sell as well as you might have hoped. Fortunately, yard sales can be a good way to make money with items that would otherwise simply sit in your house and gather dust. Before you start, find out beforehand what your local laws are regarding yard sales. Some municipalities require a business license to be publicly displayed if you're selling new items, while others have a limit on how many yard sales you can hold in a year. To add a unique flair and stand out from other sales in the area, use a printing company to make an assortment of signs for your yard sale. Instead of simply buying poster board and writing YARD SALE on it with an arrow, have signs printed up that also have your address printed on them so that people can find you easier. This will also help to make sure that the message is clear enough to be read by someone driving by in a car. Instead of spending time pricing things individually, use the same printing company to make signs for different areas of your yard sale. For example, you might have a $1 table, a $2 table and a $5 table. Make sure to get flyers or business cards from a printing company that show your website URL and have them sitting on a table for your yard sale visitors to take home with them.

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