Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Printing Services Over At Home Or Store Printing

16 September 2014
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When it comes to printing flyers, you know you can go to your local printing store and have copies made from your design or you can make them yourself at home. Have you considered using an online flyer printing service instead? You just might find one more beneficial than your local store or home printer.

Save Money

Printing flyers at home can be costly. You have to buy paper and ink and they both seem to run out quickly. When you use a printing service, you usually pay per page. If you only need a few flyers then that is easily cheaper than buying new ink and paper for your printer. Many services will offer deals for bulk orders, again saving you money over buying multiple cartridges of ink yourself. The great thing about online printing is that you can shop around for the best deal.

Higher Quality

When printing at home, you are limited by the power of your printer. Printing services have fancier printers that can handle higher quality inks and paper. They also have the higher quality inks and paper in stock instead of you having to buy it. Just like with saving money, online printers are great because you can shop around for the one with the best ink and paper options. Maybe you want 30# paper with photo printing so the flyer is glossy. Somewhere is an online printer that will do that for you.

Online Designers

Many online printing services also have designers right on the site that you can use for free to help you design your flyer. Most stores require a finished image to print, but online sites will often help you design your flyer. The designers let you add images and words with ease. Then it's a few simple clicks to order your flyers from there.


The bad things about online printing services are the shipping costs and wait time. You have to pay for shipping and then wait for your flyers to arrive. If you find a mistake or aren't happy with the result, then you have to return them and wait again. At a store or in your home, you can see the results quickly. Of course, with the cost of gas, you might end up paying just as much to get to a store as you would for shipping costs. Many online services will offer free shipping deals or quicker shipping options.

In the end, all the good things about online printing services (such as PrintGraphics) outweigh the annoying wait time.