3 Common Reasons For Copier Paper Jams - How To Clear And Fix Them

16 January 2017
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One of the most common problems that can plague your office copier is the dreaded paper jam. A paper jam should not cause you to panic. Usually, you can fix the issue yourself. However, there are many causes for copier paper jams, so you may have to do a little troubleshooting to figure out the problem. Clearing a Paper Jam from Your Office Copier Before getting into the possible reasons for a paper jam, you should know how to clear one out. Read More 

4 Common Copier Problems

16 December 2016
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Copy machines are a staple of most offices, and when a machine is not working properly it can be very frustrating and negatively impact projects being completed on time. Luckily, many copier problems can be resolved without having to replace the machine. Some of the most common copier problems include: Stuck Paper Most people who have used a copier have probably encountered a paper jam at some point. This typically happens when paper is not aligned properly or the wrong size paper is being used. Read More 

Unique Ways For Doctors To Distribute Business Cards

1 November 2016
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Business cards can offer a great way for doctors to expand their practices and reach out to new patients, but to make this happen, you need to find unique ways to pass out those cards. Use this guide as inspiration to distribute your business cards and get more new patients in your office. Hand Out First Aid Kits Purchase small first aid kits you can pass out to local businesses, and place a few business cards inside each one. Read More 

Practical Uses For Your Used Paper Shopping Bags

20 September 2016
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When you visit some supermarkets or select retailers, you occasionally have the choice of opting for paper shopping bags instead of plastic. While you might be in the habit of using plastic bags, it's worthwhile to consider yourself answer briefly — and then opt for the paper bags. Unlike plastic bags, which many people put straight in the garbage once they unpack their groceries, your paper shopping bags can have a number of practical uses around your home. Read More 

Ways To Make Your Printing Job A Lot Easier For Printers To Handle

7 August 2016
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If you're about to send off a printing job to a printing company for the first time, you may think that all you have to do is send a file and wait for the results. But printing from electronic files still requires time and care if you want the finished product to look good. Not only is that part of the printing company's responsibility when they start to work on your job, but it's also partly your responsibility to prepare the files correctly. Read More